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Some of Our Learners

" I have learned DPA (Psychic Development Course) and Reiki Level 1 & 2 with Victor. I was really impressed because they allowed me to activate my 3rd eye more. I could analyze things in more detail and could send distant healing energy too which I have never met anyone who could teach me this technique. I had taken many courses in related subjects before but now I felt I do no longer need to seek for it any more as Victor could help me acquiring the skills I had been seeking. He was very detail in his teaching and even knew what was going on with us during the class all the time. This was very surprising. He intuitively knew when we got stuck during our practice treatments and offered his wisdom advice straight away. I was grateful to take courses with an instructor who cared about the students and really good in what he was doing”

Saikarn Karnchanapaisal

Reiki Level 2 student, Develop Psychic Skills& Psychometry student

"Before I joined the classes with Victor I wasn't sure what to expect. I had so many questions and was looking for something in my life without knowing what it could be. Well, his class was kind of life-changing for me! I could never have expected more, than what I experienced during this week full of challenges and all kind of emotions. Reiki is a blessing and to develop my psychic awareness provides me with incredible and useful skills. A long life process just started new for me, but I feel so much more confident now. I am still impressed about Victor's knowledge, his personality and energy. He taught me more than I could have asked for and I feel deeply thankful for that."

Maike Geidel

Reiki Level 1 student & Develop Psychic Skills student

"I did not expect this much from this course. I had experiences with other teachers, but I did not succeed in developing or experiencing 6th sense. I was amazed with this course from many experiences that happened—including higher senses, vibration, and unexpected abilities. Victor must be a very good teacher with exceptional gifts to be able to develop myself in such a rapid time. In just a few days, my chakras were activated and expanded, many blockages were released, and my special skills and abilities were unlocked in a way that I could never imagine. "

Surasej Karnchanapaisal

Reiki Level 1 student & Develop Psychic Skills student

"Looking back I realized how my life transformed tremendously since I met Victor in 2013. He is a firm, kind and genuine healer with substantial knowledge and a heart to heal you. I took almost every courses with him, he is the kind of teacher who wants the best for you - he may not give you every answer because he would like you to dwell deeper into yourself and commit to yourself. I learned the essence of commitment to heal my body with his guiding light. I also believe that to learn from someone or receive a healing from someone, their way of living life is important and Victor do practice what he preach. He is honest in his treatment and outside. Thank you for being my inspiration and guide through this journey into myself!"

Sabina Ahuja

Reiki Level 2 student

"I just finished Reiki Level 1 with Victor. I am planning to continue on Level 2 & 3 as I want to seek for more knowledge. Thank you Victor for this amazing 2-days course!"

Nithit M

Reiki Level 1 student

"I had my reiki level one last November with Victor, and the experience was completely pleasant. Victor is a very nice coach, he makes sure that you completely understand the material, and his attunements were very powerful. I experienced a massive 3rd eye activation during my second attunement where i saw the energy flooding into my body. I also loved the fact that Victor dedicated enough time for practice, and made sure that i left very comfortable with giving a reiki healing session. I feel much better since my reiki one course in terms of health, and emotions. I actually can't wait to have my level 2 course."

Ahmed Magdy

Reiki Level 1 student

"Since I took Reiki level 1 and 2, I felt my personal development increased gradually. I realized more about inner power and energy. After learning Level 2 in Reiki, I have done distant healing on my sister and a friend who is a dentist and these two people aware of the healing power going through the body very clear during the distant treatment across locations. I also feel energy flows into my heart chakra center more than ever. Moreover, after taking 7-days Develop Psychic Awareness course I have more relief and greater comfort around the abdomen area and I could breathe much deeper."


Reiki Level 2 student & Develop Psychic Skills student

"I always wondered what Reiki is. I thought it would be a treatment with warm energy for relaxation just like massage. After a treatment I felt that it was more than a relaxation treat. I felt the spiritual sense of release. Many emotions and thought hidden deep in the subconscious was released and detoxed out. I like the idea of removing negative beliefs and to clean up our spirits. The problem that showed up during the treatment was that I was obsessively in love with a person who is 22 years older than I was and I could not explain about it. This really hurted me because I felt no love in return and this feeling stucked me for over a year. I have had this fear of losing him and I found it difficult to let go of him. During a treatment I could let go of this emotion which attached to me from different reincarnation. I could eventually be free from him and feeling that I had towards him. I felt I could welcome a new person to come into my life after letting him go; and few days after there is actually a new person coming into my life! Thank you Victor and Charn for this great experience."

Charmvarine P

Reiki Client

"I decided to receive Reiki as I had gone to minor operation in which I had hip bone bacteria, and had really bad time as there few still a few places in my body that had the same kind of bacteria so had to take very strong antibiotics. I lost weight and energy, it was very hard for me to walk or even sleep. I decided I would go for Reiki and actually got to go through a few sessions of Reiki treatment, the first few sessions was very relaxing but not much solid results could be seen but after my last session of Reiki I would say that I actually got a new life. I didn't actually feel it on the day but just after 1-2 days I was much more energetic even though I was still on medication. I went to 10 different doctors, but none could give me peace of mine as how Reiki did. The treatment was very special as it was not just physical treatment but emotion and spiritual in which most of the doctors specially allopathic doctors just goes for the physical aspect."

S Narula

Reiki Client