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Energy Therapy

Reiki, Chakra Healing, Hypnotherapy and Stress Management

Transform Body, Mind, and Soul !

DNA Bliss (formally known as DNA Healings) is established by Victor Singh, Bangkok’s leading Spiritual Coach with over 8 years of experience. DNA Bliss is your go-to source to connect and balance your body as a whole (spiritual, mental, emotion, body, mind and soul) through various holistic treatments.

Energy Therapy

Typical Reiki session would involve a therapist put both hands on your 7 Chakras, you may feel the warmth or cool energy from their therapists hands.

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Crystal Healing

The combination of Reiki & Crystal work beautifully and so powerfully together as the stones enhances the power of Reiki and vice versa.

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We adopt modern energy healing technique and Chakra healing to assist in the Hypnotherapy sessions for a more effective results.

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About Victor Singh

Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer and Humble Healer

Victor had an intensified remarkable Personal & Spiritual development through his own personal choices, experience and journey. He healed many people in terms of physical, mental and spiritual selves, utilizing multiple complementary alternative medicine (CAM) which involves energy, holistic healing tradition such as Reiki, Aura reading, Crystal Healing, Psychometric Skills, Pendulum Diagnosis, Qi Qong, Psychic Awareness, Hypnosis and very recently Counselling along with more that are currently in his practice.

“Victor has knowledge and experience necessary to heal any lives that are needed. He is kind, honest, reliable, loyal and caring towards his friends, family as well as strangers and clients that cross his path. Trust that you are in the best hands of healing.”

Training Courses

Learn Reiki in Bangkok, and other places by arrangement. It is not difficult and very beneficial in promoting stronger physical body, and better emotions. It is very easy, no prior skills needed and everything can be learned within 2 days by a competent trainer!

To ensure an effective healing results, Victor further applies modern techniques such as NLP, Coaching, Subconscious Mind Study, his approach is intuitively selected to fit the individual’s needs.

Reiki Training

Crystal Healing

Pendulum Healing

Intuition with Abundance Development Retreat

Bliss – Nature’s Alchemy

Amazing tools of Crystals & Essential Oils

“Inspired from our holistic lifestyle, travel and work, we created Bliss – Nature’s Alchemy with a purpose to share these amazing tools of crystals & essential oils to help you lead a healthy and happy life from inside out.”

Reiki Master Interview

Interview on Reiki (Part I)
Broadcast on 24th April 2016 @ Well Be Show on News 1 Channel

Interview on Reiki (Part II)
Broadcast on 1st May 2016 @ Well Be Show on News 1 Channel

Some of Our Learners

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