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About DNA Bliss

DNA Bliss began when Victor was 24 years old, he started healing his friends and family in his parents living room, little did he know that this journey would take him wide and far.

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About Victor Singh

Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer and Humble Healer

A human yoda, Victor is full of love, laughter, joy and deep wisdom. He started this journey merely at the age of 24 in his parents living room, not knowing that this journey would take him far and wide.

Victor founded DNA Bliss because he believes that as humans we can recreate and change our DNA to be in the frequency of love, happiness and bliss. We can heal our dis-ease through holistic therapy and using food as our medicine.

As a former Reiki Master Teacher, one of the first in Thailand, he was revolutionary to bring Reiki into a tangible and modern way. His belief is that we all can be spiritual yet happy, abundant and don’t have to suffer.

The results of his clients speaks for itself. People who transformed their marriage, their depression into joy or a business that turned around just from a session.

Victor has knowledge and experience necessary to heal any lives that are needed. He is kind, honest, reliable, loyal and caring towards his friends, family as well as strangers and clients that cross his path. Trust that you are in the best hands of healing.