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Reiki Course

Reiki is for everyone who is looking to improve the quality of life!

Reiki Energy is known for many health benefits such as:

  • Improving the immune system
  • Improving the endocrine system
  • Improving the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
  • Deeper and better sleep
  • Reduction of side effects of other medical therapies and drugs
  • Improving detoxification process
  • More peace and joy
  • Increased intuitive skills and energy sensitivity
  • Lower stress levels
  • Reduction of aches and pains
  • Expand knowledge about law of attraction and energy
  • Live an abundance lifestyle with balance and joy
  • Help growing spiritually through other spiritual practice and gaining wisdom
  • Self-Development

Our Reiki is a intuitive Reiki system that emphasize on higher standard and energy of practitioners.

Reiki Level I Course

Ever wish you have the magic healing hands, welcome to Reiki Level I! No experience is required, just an open heart & open mind to learn and practice.

Reiki Level I training is taught in a span of 2 days by Reiki Master Teacher, Sabina Ahuja. You will be provided with study material,intensive knowledge on the subject of Reiki with hands-on practice. In addition, you will become a part of our Reiki Thai circle, make new friends and meet more like minded people on this path of self-improvement.

Once you learn Reiki Level I, the energy will stay with you for the rest of your life. You can use it to heal yourself, your loved ones, friends and even your pets. This is also a recommended course for massage therapists, nurses, yoga teachers, school teachers and other healers who have direct contact with people to improve the result of other hands-on treatments, body work, teaching and toprotect you from picking up illnesses or feelings from others. Moreover, Reiki can help you to stay grounded, release negativity, increases focus and it is truly one of the most magical tools you can carry with you regardless of your profession and background.

What will you learn in Reiki Level I?

  • The history of Reiki
  • Understanding differences between other energy healing
  • Physical effects of Reiki treatments
  • Hand locations and significance
  • Basic understanding of Chakra and energy centers
  • Doing self treatments
  • Feel Reiki energy flow and stop
  • Where Reiki is Internationally in the market place
  • Using Reiki to help your family, friends, or loved ones
  • Understand conditions of disease in relation to energy

Prerequisite: Anyone interested in learning Reiki Level 1 must receive Reiki treatment first
Age Restriction: Minimum 13
Trainer: Reiki Master Teacher, Sabina Ahuja
Course Duration: 2 days (10 am to 6 pm)
Group:  4 – 9 people per group

Reiki Level II Course

Are you ready to take the next step and tap into the Body/Mind/Spirit Healing? In Reiki Level II you will also be learning a wonderful technique of Distant Healing and be introduced to the Sacred Symbols of Reiki.

This course is the beginning of the your pathas an energy healing professional. The intensity of the energy available to Level II therapist will double and/or triple immediately and will continue to increase as you continue to heal others. Reiki Level II works on not just the physical bodybut the emotional and mental bodies. You will be challenged to look deeper into the reiki treatments, grow spiritually and professionally even if your final destination is not the path of healing. Reiki Level II practitioners will in some ways gain new understanding of universal laws,human alchemy, connecting the dots between our body & mind. You will also learn a wonderful technique of Distant Healing to send energy across all time and space.

What will you learn in Reiki Level II?

  • Psychological changes of an energy treatment
  • Clarity on Symbols and their uses
  • Reiki distant treatment to one person
  • Reiki distant treatment to a group
  • Feel Reiki energy flow and stop accuratly
  • Using more intuition
  • Healing Mental body congestion in Reiki treatments
  • Healing Emotional congestion in Reiki treatments
  • Healing Spiritual congestion in Reiki treatments
  • Experience Intuitive Guidance
  • Unlock hidden potentials

Prerequisite: Completed Reiki level 1 at least two months prior, and completed at  least 10 hands-on treatments on others. Pass recognition of prior learning for students from other schools.
Age Restriction: Minimum 17 years old
Trainer: Reiki Master Teacher, Sabina Ahuja
Course Duration: 2 days (10 am to 6 pm)
Group: 2 – 6 people per group

Reiki Level III (Master) Course

After completing level you will be certified as a Reiki Master and able to start a professional practice of Reiki whether in a spa environment, as a freelance therapist or to improve your fields of work.

In this exclusive training (1-2 persons maximum), you will receive and intensive 1.5 days of theory & 1.5 days of hands-on practice including  4 attunements. Reiki Master sacred symbol will also be introduced in order to assist with deeper healing especially tapping in to the past and spiritual realm.

You will learnwhat need to be done in order to give a professional hands-on Reiki session (in the spa technique and outside),work intuitively with integrity in healing profession and in this business. Furthermore,  you will get to explorewhat it takes to develop yourself as a professional to help and assist people in various areas of life through special skills, intuitive skills, and spiritual development.  .

For those who practice other modalities of healing, you can also integrate this knowledge and practice in your work for best results and outcomes of your own integrated methods. Some professions includes Feng Shui Master, Yoga Instructors, Doctors, Nurses, Life Coaches, NLP Masters, and Hypnotherapists for example.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn the differences in energy with a holistic viewpoint
  • Learn about Soul Retrieval and Past Life
  • Be able to identify other energies and their meanings.
  • Be able to identify entities and matters within the Aura and Etheric Aura.
  • Learn about Spirit guides
  • Learn basic psychometry skills
  • Learn advance distant healing skills with remote diagnosis
  • Learn remote analysis
  • Learn how to master the energy and the meaning.
  • Learn the differences between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies
  • Learn how to do psychic surgery
  • Learn how to work with healing guides to remove blockages
  • Learn basic principle in starting a healing business
  • Learn about Auric field and health

Prerequisite: Completed Reiki level 2 at least six months prior, and completed at least 40 hand-on treatments (50 treatments highly recommended, not including distant Reiki).
Trainer:  Reiki Master Teacher, Sabina Ahuja
Course Duration: 3 days (10 am to 6 pm)
Group: 2 – 6 people per group

Reiki Master Teacher Course

This is the Master Teacher level! If you are looking forward to this level, I must congratulate you, you indeed come a long way in both personal and spiritual development! You must have touched many people hearts in many ways weather you understand it or not….Yes you have 🙂

After this level you will be certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, and able to start a professional practice of teaching Reiki and guiding your own Reiki students and family.

The course consist of many areas of training and a 2-day practical teaching experience. Total learning time is up to 8 days with prior arrangements and preparations.

Learning outcomes

  • Telepathic communication with other energies
  • Observe students energy
  • Prepare and Cleanse the training room
  • Cleaning auras of matters, mindful energy and matter
  • Doing attunements competently on Reiki Level 1 student
  • Develop individual teaching method, and style
  • Assessing student performing a distant treatment
  • Perform professional treatment and passing on information competently
  • Doing assessment on a student’s treatment efficiently
  • Professionalism in healing profession
  • Understand universal laws of cause and effects
  • Observing spiritual development of a person accurately
  • Being compassionate in healing and without judgment

Prerequisite: Completed Reiki level 3 at least 12 months prior, and completed at  least 110 hand-on treatments. Pass recognition of prior learning for students from other schools. Completed training in Develop Psychic Awareness.
Trainer:  Sabina Ahuja
Course Duration: 6-8 days with prior arrangements and preparations
Group: 1 person