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Energy for Wealth

To magnify your wealth

Do you want to magnify your wealth?

This course was born from Sabina’s private clients who have had miraculous results in the arena of money and so we thought of bringing what worked for them into a specific immersion to serve you. Over the course of almost 9 years, Sabina had the opportunity to help people attract and magnify their wealth through energy alignment.

Students who embarked on this 4-week journey, some started off with 0 walked out with over $5,000 in less than 21 days or a particular client who cleared off her 6-figure credit card debt 3 hours after she left the session. These are the magical breakthroughs that can happen when we dig deep to the root and realign the energy to match the frequency of bliss.

Sabina sees the pain point in our society, the constant financial problems that occur even in families and households who technically don’t have problem with the digits but have problems in their energy and are operating from lack.

Even though we live in an era where wealth is really all around us, there are people who seem to grace through and magnify their wealth endlessly while some are tirelessly stuck in this area. Energy for Wealth is designed to support you to heal your wealth wounds, build better relationship with money, create a strong financial system for your life and magnify your wealth using holistic energy tools that works.

This course is led by energy therapy teacher and Holistic Therapy Specialist ‘Sabina’ with over 8 years of experience helping thousands of people to be happier. have more wealth and have a wonderful relationship Sabina is recognized by many global brands as an energy tutor for her expertise and ability to combine science with the growth of Spiritual Energy in a beautiful and effective way.

Interactive Online Course

This course is an integrated online learning with theory videos and weekly Zoom support.

Learning Outcome:
+ Realign Wealth DNA
+ Open your heart to communicate with money, honor the energy of money To open the door to welcome more wealth into your life.
+ Increase your own Wealth Worth
+ Build a financial system and step into the future

****This is not a course for everybody, it is for those who are 100% committed to making their dream project a 3D reality and are willing to do the work with the support of Sabina and Universal Guidance. **

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