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Empower Your Heart

Empower Your Heart, Magnify Positive Relationships

Do you dream of having happier relationships?

To be able to connect deeply, communicate with love and understanding and coexist in a harmonious way even with those who trigger us.

To have a relationship that is fulfilling, warm and full of love.

Ever wonder what it is that still attracts you to the same cycle of problems, even if you have read the right books, improved your communication and perhaps even studied relationships.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could empower your heart every day to create a happy relationship and live from that infinite source of bliss.

Empower Your Heart, Magnify Positive Relationships was created to provide a journey of deep transformation for you to finally connect with love again and ultimately improve the dynamics of relationships around you.

This 4-week online journey is led by Sabina Ahuja, an energy healing teacher with almost 9 years of experience and helping thousands of people in Thailand and overseas to be happier and have better relationships through energy adjustment and holistic therapy.

Integrated Group Online Class

This is an integrated online class with zoom support to ensure that you have the transformation.

Overview of the Journey:
Week 1 – Building Relationship with Yourself
Remove past patterns to open the door for better relationships. Learn to master your own emotions.

Week 2 – Change the Beginning
Release past pains in relationship and cutting the energetic cords of suffering. Healing the inner child within to open up space for love & happiness.

Week 3 – Empower Your Heart
Awaken your heart to strength, aligning the energy from the inside out.

Week 4 – Envision Your Relationship
Create a new meaning of relationship and brand new image to start the point of attraction.

**This is not a course for everybody, it is for those who are 100% committed to making their dream project a 3D reality and are willing to do the work with the support of Sabina and Universal Guidance. **

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