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Crystals Healing

Believe it or not, stones, crystals & gemstones carry healing vibration and have been used for many different purposes since in the ancient times for over thousand of years. In this session, we will unlock the secret healing using these beautiful gifts of mother earth. Mindfully and intuitively selecting stones that would like to work with your body that day to help you free up some space in the physical, mental, emotional & sometimes even your spiritual world in order to increase the flow of energy to energize the organs, relax your mind, aid sleep and much more underlying benefits that reflect individual’s needs.

Combination of Reiki & Crystal:

The combination of Reiki & Crystal work beautifully and so powerfully together as the stones enhances the power of Reiki and vice versa. Be prepared to feel relax,grounded in the mind, body and soul while these two powers bring the best benefit to fruition.. The universal energy of Reiki and vibrational of each Crystal properties support greatly in releasing physical, mental and spiritual blockages more smoothly and easily.

Crystal Healing Level I

(1 day workshop for beginner)

This class is for everyone who are interested in the power of the healing stones!

Would you like to be able to feel the energy of crystals with your  hands?

To buy the right crystal and actually using it to heal yourself and your loved ones? To cleanse and activate it so that you can use it safely and reap all the benefit of the healing power hidden inside?

To pick the right stones for your home feng shui?

To learn how to choose the ones your clients need?

To know where to put them during the treatment?

With one day course of theory, exercises  and hands on exercise, you will get introduced to the wonderful world of healing crystals.

Learning outcomes:

  • Basic understanding of different crystals
  • Basic understanding of crystal shapes
  • Sensitizing hands to energy of crystals
  • Reading crystal layout for treatments
  • Basic understanding of crystals and chakras
  • Cleansing crystals
  • Energizing crystals

Prerequisite: None
Course Duration: 1 day (10 am to 6 pm)
Trainer:  Victor Singh
Group:  4 – 8 person

Crystal Healing Level II

Take your crystal knowledge to the next level! This is a two day course ideal for everyone who has completed the Reiki Level II and above  The first day is theory and some skills practices, and the second day is practical day using crystal with Reiki.

Learning outcomes:

  • Reading crystal layout for treatments
  • Understanding of crystals and chakras
  • Understanding of crystals and emotions
  • Distance Crystal Healing​
  • Crystal healing benefits in holistic healing
  • Preparing and Using crystal with Reiki energy
  • Charging crystal with Reiki
  • Using crystal with hand-on Reiki treatment under supervision
  • Crystals with home Fengshui
  • Crystals with psychological disorders
  • Using Crystals in various healing modalities

Prerequisite: Reiki Level II
Course Duration: 2 days (10 am to 5 pm)
Trainer:  Victor Singh
Group:  4 – 8 people per group